Gathering momentum, working together for win-win results, MEGAUNITY 2023 exhibition highlights review

More than half way through the progress bar of 2023, MEGAUNITY has been working hard to bring its industrial production environmental air solutions to a number of exhibitions in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Dalian, focusing on many popular industries in the upper and lower reaches of the new energy vehicle industry chain.

Thank you for your visit and guidance, MEGAUNITY will continue to create value for customers and contribute to the green development of the industry. Take a look back at MEGAUNITY's participation in various exhibitions!


BTF2023 The 12th Shanghai International New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition





In March, BTF2023 Shanghai International New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai, with the theme of "Lithium wants power, create the future", bringing together a group of leading enterprises and professional visitors in the industry. MEGAUNITY exhibited the new explosion-proof dust collector, the new welding smoke dust removal machine, energy saving heat exchange equipment and RTO system, fully demonstrating MEGAUNITY's comprehensive strength in air treatment for the whole industry chain of lithium power upstream and downstream.


CIMT2023 The 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition




In April, CIMT2023 China International Machine Tool Exhibition was held in Beijing, which is the most well-known, largest and most influential machine tool professional exhibition in China, and one of the four international machine tool exhibitions recognized by the international industry. MEGAUNITY exhibited oil mist and fume purification solutions for the machine tool industry at this exhibition. MEGAUNITY oil mist equipment has been successfully applied to many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has accumulated rich experience in project implementation.


IE expo 24th Shanghai Environmental Expo



IE expo Shanghai is the most influential and highest quality environmental technology exchange event in Asia. MEGAUNITY fully exhibited the industrial production environmental air system solutions for the four major industries of fine chemical industry, lithium new energy, auto parts, and Marine cruise, fully demonstrating the technical precipitation and experience accumulation of MEGAUNITY in nearly 30 years.


CIBF 2023 The 15th Shenzhen International Battery Exhibition





The battery industry event CIBF2023, which received much attention at home and abroad, was held in Shenzhen, with a total audience of more than 360,000, including more than 2,500 exhibitors from well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Yi Wei Lithium Energy, Lead, Guoxuan High-tech, Xinwang Da, etc. MEGAUNITY showcased lithium dust removal equipment, lithium drying rooms, dehumidifiers, NMP recycling equipment and energy saving technologies, and organic waste gas treatment system solutions. Through in-depth exchanges, old customers highly recognized the air system comprehensive service capability of the whole industry chain of lithium battery production, and hoped to promote further cooperation; New customers also expressed an interest in the opportunity to work with MEGAUNITY. MEGAUNITY organized technical talks during the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors to stop and watch, and the scene was wonderful.


SNEC 2023 The 16th Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition



SNEC 2023 Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with more than 500,000 registered visitors and more than 3,100 exhibitors. MEGAUNITY brought the exhaust gas treatment technology of the photovoltaic industry to the exhibition, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with professional visitors to help create a clean and green production environment.


Dalian International Industry Fair. Dalian International Industry Fair



At the same time, MEGAUNITY was invited to participate in 2023 Dalian International Industry Fair, and exhibited system solutions such as dust removal, oil mist purification, and organic waste gas treatment. Through explaining the exhibits and demonstrating the technical strength, MEGAUNITY deepened the impression of the visitors, and the audience recognized the comprehensive strength of Megaunity.


BEW 2023 Welding Show in Essen





In June, the 26th Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, and internationally renowned enterprises from all over the world gathered in the welding industry event. At the exhibition site, under the careful explanation of the MEGAUNITY technical team and sales partners, the audience fully understood the technical strength of MEGAUNITY in the field of welding smoke dust removal. In particular, the CF welding smoke dust removal integrated machine for robot welding smoke and the air conditioning dust removal machine, the core product of the dust removal and temperature control system for tall space, which was exhibited in kind, received great attention.


2023 CHINA DIECASTING Shanghai International Die-casting Exhibition


As a vane of the development of the industry, Shanghai International Die Casting Exhibition is an annual event and important platform for the industry to display the phased development results of China's die casting and non-ferrous industry, obtain the latest information of the industry, discuss industrial development events, and promote communication and exchange. MEGAUNITY is committed to providing users with efficient and energy-saving system solutions in the field of die casting flue gas treatment. Megaunity has cooperated with many leading companies in the industry and won customer recognition for its excellent system design capabilities and rich experience in engineering implementation.


MEGAUNITY looks forward to seeing you again! In the future, MEGAUNITY will continue to lead the development with innovation, and provide more domestic and foreign customers with industrial production environment air system solutions, and work together to create a green and clean production environment.


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