MEGAUNITY Air system solutions bring efficient, javascript: to the paper industry; Energy saving production environment

For the pulp and paper industry, a stable workshop air system is critical. The high temperature and high humidity in summer, the cold condensation in winter, and the escaped raw material dust will have varying degrees of impact on each production process, and the rise of the scrap rate will cause huge losses to the enterprise, and the air odor and high temperature in the production process will also reduce the work efficiency of front-line employees.

In order to reduce the impact of temperature and humidity on the production process in the workshop and ensure the air quality of the wet part, cadres and cutting packaging links, reasonable air system design scheme and excellent product quality are the key factors to ensure the long-term stable operation of the air system. MEGAUNITY industrial production ambient air system solutions can ensure the efficient operation of all production links, reduce the risk of equipment downtime and failure due to workshop air problems, reduce maintenance costs, and implement heat recovery systems to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

MEGAUNITY air system solutions for the world's top 100 paper Group smart packaging paper production line
(Includes ventilation system and heat recovery system)

MEGAUNITY ventilation system
MEGAUNITY ventilation products mainly include galvanized, stainless steel ventilation pipes, air valves, etc. The production accuracy can meet the requirements of overseas projects, and have been exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries and regions.
• Keep wet end equipment clean to prevent moisture and liquid droplets from spreading into the plant;
• Reduce the steam pressure and gas consumption required by cadres to improve the stability of operation;
• Reduce loose dust and paper scraps, and protect personnel from noise, paper dust, thermal radiation and moisture.

MEGAUNITY heat recovery system
The heat recovery efficiency of MEGAUNITY gas heat recovery system can reach 90%, which is mainly applied to the scene where the wet air discharged from the equipment contains a large amount of waste heat. It can take into account the role of dehumidifier, meet various environmental requirements, and save costs.
• The hot air discharged from the hood is mixed with fresh air by the heat exchanger and returned to the hood again to reduce the amount of steam replenishment;
• The whole process is closed, so that water vapor can be recycled back into the system;
• Reduced water load requirements on the outside world.

MEGAUNITY Dust removal system
Paper mills produce a lot of dust in the work of the operation, and there is a risk of explosion if the concentration of paper powder is too high. MEGAUNITY dust removal solutions handle organic dust generated during raw material processing, inorganic dust that escapes during filler delivery, dust generated during the slitting and packaging process, and scraps of paper.
• Dust collector design in line with dust explosion-proof requirements;
• Filter element can be selected according to different filtration efficiency requirements, filtration efficiency > 99%;
• Perfect electrical interlock and anti-stay system to ensure stable operation of dust collector.

Company profile
MEGAUNITY is focused on providing air system solutions for industrial production environments. The company introduces international advanced equipment, outstanding talents and technology, adopts international certification quality management system, advanced design software, production technology, so that the company's products in quality, performance, appearance design and other aspects have reached the advanced level of the industry. In the battery manufacturing, Marine ventilation and paper industry has been rapid development, products are exported to Southeast Asia and European markets. The company has been selected as the "2022 Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent Program" and "2023 China Invisible Unicorn Enterprise" in August 2022.


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