Introduction of NMP recovery process for lithium battery production

Application of NMP in lithium-ion battery production

Lithium-ion batteries are internationally recognized as the ideal chemical energy source today, which has a high energy density and can provide a longer use time for devices, such as electric vehicles and smart phones. The rapid development of the global new energy vehicle industry has brought huge development space for lithium-ion batteries.

NMP belongs to nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, with a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, is a non-toxic, high boiling point, strong polarity, low viscosity, small corrosion, high solubility, low volatility, good stability, easy recovery of efficient selective solvents. Widely used in petrochemical, pesticide, medicine, electronic materials and other fields.


How the NMP recovery system works

Coater NMP waste gas recovery treatment system and waste heat recovery device through the recovery of NMP waste gas, air after purification treatment, discharge standards.

Through heat recovery, dehumidification and filtration, NMP recovery can achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of air supply and exhaust system, NMP treatment and gas purification. The MEGAUNITY NMP recovery system meets the requirements of temperature, cleanliness, NMP concentration and pressure in the oven during coating and drying processes for lithium battery cathodes.


NMP system benefits

The modular device of positive coating oven NMP recovery and treatment system independently developed by MEGAUNITY can accurately control the NMP temperature in the oven by automatically adjusting the exhaust air volume according to the change of NMP concentration in the oven. The maximum allowable safe concentration of NMP in the oven is ensured and the circulating air volume is reduced, thus reducing the energy consumption of the system heating and the blower.

In addition, with the high efficiency heat exchanger produced by our company, the high temperature gas discharged from the coating machine can exchange heat with the low temperature gas after condensation treatment of NMP, maximizing the recovery of the discharged heat energy, achieving energy saving and cost reduction.



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